I am an abstract realist painter. My work alters recognizable subject matter through the use of bold color and expressive mark making that infuses each piece with fresh contemporary energy. I work from my studio in Salt Lake City, Utah.

All of my paintings are acrylic/mixed media works on canvas or wood studio panels.

In addition to paint, I use graphite, chalk pastels, oil pastels, ink, ephemera, and charcoal to add variety and contrast to my mark making.

My painting tools include brushes, trowels, power sanders, scrapers, nails, hammer, fingers, and towels…anything I can find to create a surface finish that adds a sense of story, history, and mystery to the work.

I want viewers’ first take of my paintings to be one of the big picture. On the second take I want them to become curious by the subtle marks and patinas that enhance each piece with a quiet backstory.

Abstract Landscapes-I love the places in the West where the earth meets sky… the distant horizon lines that evoke a freeing sense of vast open space, outside of time. The uncluttered landscapes bring a sense of balance between the heart and mind…a visual cue to just take a moment and breathe.

Contemporary Bold Blooms-The exuberant arrangements in each painting are intended to awaken the sense of joy we get at the first sighting of spring cherry blossoms, or the initial glimpse of mountain wild flowers dancing in the wind…to remind us how much happiness simple flowers bring into our everyday lives.




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